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Uneven countertop; moving an AC compressor; fixing AC leak – Arizona Daily Star

Arizona Daily StarUneven countertop; moving an AC compressor; fixing AC leakArizona Daily StarQ: I have granite countertops in my house, and in one area where a seam runs from front to back, the slab near the sink seems to have settled about a 16th of an inch lower than the slab on the other side of the seam. Can this be fixed? A: That's a very …and more »

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No Exit in China – STRATFOR

STRATFORNo Exit in ChinaSTRATFORIn 1971, Albert O. Hirschman wrote the essay Exit, Voice, and Loyalty, detailing the options that consumers (in the broadest sense) can take when faced with declining quality of services. They can exit — silently refuse to offer their business …and more »