Waterproofing Concrete Block

A “Grand Scheme” Pays Off Big On Long Island – Habitat magazine

A “Grand Scheme” Pays Off Big On Long IslandHabitat magazineThe block-long pair of U-shaped buildings that make up the garden apartment complex needed repairs. “We had to do a lot of work to do,” … It all began two summers ago, in 2014, when the exterior concrete pathways of the two-story-high garden …

SUPERPRO Instant Set Waterproofing & Dimpled Membrane

Make your home more flood resistant – Buffalo Reflex (subscription)

Make your home more flood resistantBuffalo Reflex (subscription)If your air conditioner or heat pump is outdoors, install it on a raised platform. Place washers and dryers on blocks, making sure they will not vibrate off the blocks during use. A one- or two-foot-high waterproof floodwall around appliances will …