Water Leak in Basement Wall

Restaurant inspections – Springfield News-Leader

Springfield News-LeaderRestaurant inspectionsSpringfield News-LeaderProduct discarded. Noncritical Violations Found: 2. Cooler seal in disrepair. Basement ceiling leaking and water coming in at floor/wall juncture. CHANGSHA RESTAURANT, 716 E. Lee St. 04/13/2015 – Inspection. Critical Violations Found: 7. Tubs of cooked …and more »

Quikrete Water-Stop Cement – Shop Talk with Carpenter Kline

Carpenter Jon Kline demonstrating how to plug wall leaks in concrete and masonry with Quikrete Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement.

Nightmares come true: RREM contractor left home to rot – Asbury Park Press

Asbury Park PressNightmares come true: RREM contractor left home to rotAsbury Park PressOn April 14, Buck got an estimate — $14,000 to fix the damages caused by the water leaks — from CBI Shaw, which was hired by the state to manage RREM projects on behalf of homeowners. However, Buck doesn't believe they've captured the full extent of …and more »