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Water damage – South Philly Review

Water damageSouth Philly ReviewThe homeowner let the man in after hearing the stranger needed to check the residence's water supply for contamination and led him to the basement, where the phony worker ran water for approximately 20 minutes. The fake hire told the husband to remain …

Goats: An overlooked pasture-raised animal (ethicurean)

Goat meat is already very popular around the world — the Washington Post claims that goat makes up almost 70 percent of the red meat eaten globally — and its popularity could increase in the U.S. Because of the convergence of several things: renewed interest in grass-fed animals; openings of new butcher shops or revitalization of old shops (such as Avedano's in San Francisco's Bernal Heights), and increasing numbers of U.S. Residents from Latin America and South Asia. With a bit of education and experimentation by farmers, butchers, chefs and home cooks, this adaptable animal could become a key part of a return to meat raised on pastures.

Amherstburg Flood – August 9th, 2011

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