Small Bathroom Ideas

17 Small Bathroom Ideas Pictures

When Women Become Men at Wellesley – New York Times

New York TimesWhen Women Become Men at WellesleyNew York TimesThe rest said they were transgender or genderqueer, rejecting the idea of gender entirely or identifying somewhere between female and male; many, like Timothy, called themselves transmasculine. Though his gender identity differed from that …

Concentrated Housing and Boarding Houses (Firedoglake)

Housing is at a premium for many people and salaries are not compensating for it, especially in cities. The changing face of our cities will have to include lifestyle adjustment that is affordable- smaller living space, or sharing a common kitchen or bathroom. Tiny micro-apartments are becoming more common, as are boardinghouses.

How to renovate a bathroom – Part 1

30 Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas For Cozy Homes…

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