Rust Oleum Fabric Spray

Brighten drab lamps with updated looks – Bend Bulletin

Bend BulletinBrighten drab lamps with updated looksBend BulletinFirst, choose a base color that will “show through” after gently sanding — I like a rusty red base color with a flat black top coat, or a creamy white or yellow base coat with a brighter white top coat. Spray with base color, allow to dry, then …

NeverWet Water Repellent – Incredible Waterproofing Spray

NeverWet's Clear Water-Repelling Spray: Less Magic, More Wet – Gizmodo

GizmodoNeverWet's Clear Water-Repelling Spray: Less Magic, More WetGizmodoWhen we tried the first iteration of Rustoleum's seemingly magic, liquid-repelling spray, we were actually pretty damn impressed—water beading off toilet paper rolls! Now … Water beaded for a good 30 seconds before totally permeating the fabric, at …and more »