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5 Easy Home Improvements for Less than $1000 – TIME

5 Easy Home Improvements for Less than $1000TIMEIt's understandable if you, like many Americans, associate home improvement projects with money flying out your door. After all, the average bathroom remodel tops $16,000, according to Remodeling Magazine's 2014 Cost Vs. Value Report. Replacing your …

Tim Allen gives the BlackBerry Passport a high-profile endorsement on Jimmy Kimmel (The Boy Genius Report)

BlackBerry would never do anything gimmicky like pay U2 to play at its flagship phone launch… well, OK, it did sort of appoint Alicia Keys to be its creative director that one time and it did have Wayne Gretzky introduce the Passport, but those two things were totally different because there's always something pure about what they do! The point is, BlackBerry has never really been about getting celebrity endorsements for its products, although we can't imagine it will turn them down if they just happen to come along. RELATED: BlackBerry fanboy rips everyone for being too stupid to understand the Passport's greatness With this in mind, we thought we'd share a video of former Home Improvement star Tim Allen.…

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