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多伦多公校历史上第2宗校内凶案6刀捅死好学生 – 加拿大家园网

加拿大家园网多伦多公校历史上第2宗校内凶案6刀捅死好学生加拿大家园网案发後,该校曾被警方封锁调查,逐间房间搜查时,学生要离开课室,而家长被通知到学校附近的Rexdale Community Hub带子女返家。 而邻近该校的Highfield Jr. School及Beaumonde Heights Jr. Middle School亦要关校,以 …and more »

Back-Related Leg Pain: Spine Manipulation Helps (WebMD Health)

In people with back-related leg pain, spinal manipulative therapy plus home exercise and advice provided more short-term improvement in pain and ability to move than home exercise and advice alone, according to a recent study.…

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