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Downtown's paradox: How growth, change impacts walkability, travel – Oklahoma Gazette

Oklahoma GazetteDowntown's paradox: How growth, change impacts walkability, travelOklahoma GazetteThe proposed 499 Sheridan high-rise development, which is located along a bike route and future streetcar line, was granted approval to construct a major parking garage at the expense of several historic buildings, and its construction could remove …and more »

Excel Spread Sheet Basics – Using a Formula

How to set up a very basic spread sheet.

If you're really new to Excel, you might want to check out my REALLY BASIC video before this one, it has some valuable concepts that will help.


Control your emotions in volatile markets – Orange County Breeze

Orange County BreezeControl your emotions in volatile marketsOrange County BreezeIt's certainly true that, as you have no doubt heard, “past performance is no guarantee of future results,” but it's nonetheless valuable to know how a particular stock, for example, has performed in various economic environments. If it seems to have ……