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Downtown Waco jail to remain closed, cost money without inmate increase – Waco Tribune-Herald

Waco Tribune-HeraldDowntown Waco jail to remain closed, cost money without inmate increaseWaco Tribune-HeraldCounty Judge Scott Felton said LaSalle Corrections, which manages the Jack Harwell center, could potentially house its inmates in the county's downtown jail, bringing in a revenue stream for the county to help offset the cost of Jack Harwell. Overflow …and more »


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Despite the heinous crime committed against a minor at a nationally top ranked private high school, local law enforcement failed to conduct a proper criminal investigation. Connie's family is seeking every honest citizen's help and support to ensure that this crime will be solved and the persons involved in the cover-up scandal identified and brought to justice. The following are highlights from the New Haven Police Department's inadequate investigation of this on-campus crime.

1. The New Haven Police Department opened their criminal investigation in April, 2009, but they abruptly closed the case after interviewing only one individual on Hopkins campus–the Director of College Counseling. No other persons were interviewed or questioned, including the victim.

2. On July 20, 2009, the NHPD's incident report was signed by NHPD Officer Manware, but his incident report (NHPD file #08-57401) was not released to the victim's family until September 25, 2009.

3. In January, 2010, the NHPD ignored the victim's family's complaint, which had been forwarded to the NHPD Police Chief's Office by former Connecticut State Police Deputy Commissioner, Colonel Davoren.

4. On January 5, 2010, Connie's family contacted Connecticut Chief State Attorney Kevin Kane to seek help from the State Division of Criminal Justice. Chief State Attorney Kane forwarded the family's request to New Haven District State Attorney Michael Dearington.

5. In February of 2010, New Haven District State Attorney Dearington dismissed the victim's family's request, and told Connie's parent: "I took interest in [your daughter's case] because my son went to Hopkins" and in a letter, said "It would be impractical to commence interviewing on the Hopkins campus particularly since a quarter of the then student population has graduated and moved on. I agree that if someone did deliberately cut the tire such is a serious criminal act."

6. In February, 2010, NHPD Officer Manware admitted to the Connecticut Office of Victim Advocate that Sergeant Johnson (who works in the NHPD Police Chief's Office) had told him to close the case.

7. In July, 2010, the NHPD ignored Connecticut State Senator Slossberg and State Representative Klarides' written requests for their consideration of re-opening the case.

8. On July 14, 2010, the victim's family filed a formal complaint (File#102-1-C) with the Connecticut State Police Internal Affair Unit, but the complaint was dismissed by NHPD Sergeant Marcucio. In his letter, dated July 26, 2010, Sergeant Marcucio wrongfully indicated that the victim's complaint was filed beyond the NHPD's one year statute of limitations.

9. On July 14, 2010, the victim's family also filed a formal complaint with Connecticut State Police Lieutenant Colonel Labonte against NHPD Sergeant Johnson. However, this complaint was ignored by Colonel Labonte, who was in charge of the Connecticut Police Officer and Standards Training Council Certification Division.

10. In August, 2010, the victim's family retained an Attorney to obtain the NHPD's investigation records. The NHPD disregarded this Attorney's multiple requests and failed to provide said records. Based on the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, the New Haven Police Department should have released the records within 30 days.

11. On November 1, 2010, Connie's Attorney filed a complaint against the NHPD to Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission. (Docket #FIC 2010-686).

12. On August 24, 2011, the Freedom of Information Commission (FIC) issued their final albeit irrational decision and dismissed the case.

13. In October, 2011, an Administrative Appeal against the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission was filed in Connecticut State Court and a lawsuit against the NHPD was filed in Federal court (Case# 3:11-CV-01524-CFD) by Attorney Norman Pattis on Connie's behalf.

There have been significant developments in this criminal case in the past few months. Connie's family is urgently seeking Connecticut State and US National leaders' help and public support in solving the crime and identifying the persons involved in its cover-up!!