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At 62, actress Celia Imrie asks, 'Who wants to be conventional?' – Daily Mail

Daily MailAt 62, actress Celia Imrie asks, 'Who wants to be conventional?'Daily Mail'That's just the adage I am living by,' smiles Celia, whose sunny, funny debut novel Not Quite Nice (as in the French city, where she has a home) is also about to hit the bookshelves. 'My new mantra is “Why not?” I'm 62, although frankly I'm not happy …and more »

WebOS 2.0 will make LG's smart TVs much faster next year (Engadget)

The usual pre-CES flood of information is under way, and LG is announcing details of the webOS 2.0 package its smart TVs will ship with in 2015. Improving on the menus we already dug at last year's show, LG says that the new versions will improve mainly in speed, with power-on boot time reduced by 60 percent, and a 70 percent improvement when switching from the home screen to YouTube. Sluggish, unresponsive apps have been a major pain point for "smart" TVs since their introduction, so it's good to see that addressed. One thing that will remain an issue however, is that the 2.0 upgrades will require a new display, as we haven't heard about an upgrade for existing sets (or other platforms like smartwatches, or even phones). According to LG, the first webOS sets were quite popular, with over five million sold through eight months.
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**Source:** LG Newsroom.

Lance Armstrong interview transcript

In his first TV interview for two years, Lance Armstrong discusses forgiveness, the future and for what he is and is not sorry.

Connect with Us – Federal Way Mirror

Connect with UsFederal Way Mirror“I came across this picture of Margery and I from high school and I said to my mom, 'I don't know why I had to have these other marriages, why couldn't I have married Margery in the first place, had a normal marriage, children and life?'” Patrick …


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