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Asbestos levels not an immediate threat at Bay Minette Elementary, but EPA … –

AL.comAsbestos levels not an immediate threat at Bay Minette Elementary, but EPA …AL.comTests were also done for mold at the school, but those results will take a few days to come back, according to school officials. The testing was performed by environmental consulting firm Amec Foster Wheeler and included an inspection by agents of the …and more »

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Athens GA, Call 1-877-554-6653 or visit Http:// today! Mold Test USA is a nationwide mold inspection company with certified mold inspectors that are local to your particular area. Mold Test USA is a company that is dedicated to spreading knowledge about mold to Americans through the use of mold consultation, mold inspections, and mold testing. The owners of Mold Test USA had their own toxic mold exposure problem in an apartment, when they decided to create a company to help people in similar "moldy" situations. Mold Test USA has mold specialists that will ask you questions about your particular situation in order to gain more knowledge about the potential mold problem you are facing. Our mold specialists are your personal mold consultants that are there with you from beginning to the end of the entire process. Our specialists are also here to answer your questions, explain to you mold inspection and testing, and also to book mold inspections for your home or office with one of our certified mold inspectors. You can visit Http:// to learn more about Mold Test USA or give us a call at 1-877-554-6653 to speak with one of our mold specialists right away.

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Mold tests at WMS warrant 'good dose of housekeeping' – Wiscasset Newspaper

Mold tests at WMS warrant 'good dose of housekeeping'Wiscasset NewspaperThe new tests followed the state's early April recommendation for further testing by a privately contracted dental hygienist. State tests sought by the school department had found low mold counts, similar to what could be found in most homes, Larry ……