Leaky Basement


Outfitting low-income homes for energy efficiency – Philly.com

Outfitting low-income homes for energy efficiencyPhilly.comToday, she has a new roof, a new heater, and a newly weatherized basement and attic – plus an estimated 30 percent savings in heating costs. … "So if a roof is leaking and you don't repair it right away, that leak gets worse, and it gets worse pretty …

Basement Leak Repair

Http://www.philthecrackmaster.com/baseme… Phil is an expert at making basements dry again and basement leak repair is what Phil does all day long. If you have leaky basement, drainage problems or a basement crack Phil is the person to call.

Phil will discuss your problem with you, assess the problem, plan a solution and talk to you about your repair options. Phil will map out the best solution to your foundation repair problem, provide you with a foundation repair quote and give you a warranty once the job is complete.

You will find Phil pleasant to talk to, honest, and he will show up on time to do the basement leak repair exactly as he said he would do. Phil can be reached at 604-614-2615.

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Shared museum, tourism service pitched for Lock 7 – Niagarathisweek.com

Shared museum, tourism service pitched for Lock 7Niagarathisweek.comWhile the Lock 7 building has had problems with leaking water, Fabiano said funding to fix the wet basement and leaky roof has been included by staff in the 2015 city budget. Coun. Sergio Paone said establishing the museum at Lock 7 could be a crucial …and more »

Remedies for a Leaky Basement | St. Louis Basement Finishing ...

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