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Charlotte ObserverHow to make your home appeal to potential buyersCharlotte ObserverFor instance, you can repaint dark kitchen cabinets, update appliances and replace countertops for a fraction of a complete tear-out. Today's homebuyers are looking for a house that has plenty of light and feels open. By painting the house a light …

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Aside from painting walls and cabinets, the second-easiest way to update a kitchen on a budget is to upgrade dated cabinet hardware. Eco lifestyle expert Danny Seo shows us a brilliant idea for adding a bit of glam without breaking a sweat. The secret? Transforming a colorful collection of geodes, sea glass, or minerals into cool cabinet hardware! Check out the steps to pulling off this creative DIY in your kitchen.
**What You'll Need:**
* Old knobs or drawer pulls
* Mineral or rock slices or pieces
* E-6000 glue
* Low-adhesive painter's tape.
**How to Make It**
* Using E-6000 glue (available at Michaels craft stores), squeeze a generous amount onto the front of the knob, and attach a mineral or rock onto its front.
* Don't try to use a different brand of glue for this project, no matter how powerfully strong it may promise to be on the package. I've used them all, and E-6000 is the best of the best for this.
* Using low-adhesive painter's tape, secure the rock onto the knob, so it doesn't slide off as it dries.

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