JCPenney Bathroom Curtains

Affordable ways to make room for guests – Boston Globe

Boston GlobeAffordable ways to make room for guestsBoston GlobeTry to find a space that offers a bit of privacy, or create that by using screens or curtains. The following tips can make … Retailers such as J.C. Penney and Kohl's have recently had bedding on sale at up to 50 percent off. Create space. Make room …

Due 2.0 (Daringfireball)

Four years ago I wrote a short entry about a then-new iPhone reminder app called Due. I've been using it ever since — I don't think a day's gone by since then that Due hasn't been on my first home screen. The all-new 2.0 update is an improvement in every way, both functionally, cosmetically, and audibly (it has a bunch of new alert sounds to choose from). Interesting pricing scheme too: Due costs $5 for new users. Existing users get the new version for free, but have to pay $3 to unlock all the new features. A bargain for something so thoughtful and well-made.
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"Real Russia" ep.32: First and Biggest McDonalds in Russia …

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It's interesting but first McDonalds in Russia was opened one year before USSR collapsed but still in Soviet era. It was opened not far from the Square named for one of the most famous and greatest Russian writers and poets, Alexander Pushkin. When it was opened, it was the biggest McDonalds in the World! And still the biggest in Europe and Russia.

In 15th episode of "Real Russia" we have visited a local McDonalds in our hometown Ufa, Russia and in the end presented an exclusive video filmed in 1990 years about many miles line in queque to the first McDonalds at Pushkin's Square in Russia.

When in the beginning of this month we was travelling to Moscow for an interview to RT channel, we had a little less than 200 usd in our pockets and for the reason of very limited budget ate mostly in McDonalds. Because just where yet you can get 800kcal for $5?

So and once we ate mostly in McDonalds we never missed the chance to visit that definitely legendary McD restraunt. 🙂

Sorry for a little shaky camera work inside of restraunt, but Sergey Pichugin held the camera the way it looked like we do not film but just walk in a photocamera in hands. We was afraid that Security will not let us to film again, same as it was in 15th episode.

Home Depot: Hiring More Than 80,000 Workers for Spring

Home Depot plans to hire more than 80,000 workers for spring season, level with a year ago.

Market Wrap: Stocks Drop on Global Economy, Earnings Concern – DailyFinance

DailyFinanceMarket Wrap: Stocks Drop on Global Economy, Earnings ConcernDailyFinanceNEW YORK — U.S. Stocks fell for a fifth straight session Thursday as bank results disappointed and investors fretted over the potential impact of global economic weakness on U.S. Earnings. Energy shares extended recent losses as oil prices settled …and more »…

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