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Auschwitz Anniversary: My mother, grandmother were sent to the left. My father … – Fox News

Fox NewsAuschwitz Anniversary: My mother, grandmother were sent to the left. My father …Fox NewsHere at home in America a debate erupted last year when a teenager posted a smiling selfie at Auschwitz. Whatever your opinion on the appropriateness of her actions, I was at least pleased to be reminded that some young Americans still visit the Nazi …and more »

Adami: Ottawa man says 'it's the principle', wants city to pay him $3.17 (Ottawa Citzen)

A $1.56 interest charge for what eventually turned out to be a water-bill overpayment isn't much, but Centretown resident Albert Galpin wants that money back, with compounded interest.

Flipping Houses – Estimating Repairs

Estimating repairs when flipping houses can be a real challenge. Baltimore Real estate investor Steve Cook explains what he typically spends on a kitchen for an average rehab to flip, as well as his thoughts on granite counter tops.

Dayton road plan: $10 billion over 10 years

Dayton says Minnesota will fall behind unless legislators agree to new revenue for roads, bridges and transit.

Dayton road plan: $10 billion over 10 years – Minnesota Public Radio News (blog)

Minnesota Public Radio News (blog)Dayton road plan: $10 billion over 10 yearsMinnesota Public Radio News (blog)Dayton says the state is facing a revenue shortfall to the tune of $6 billion for road and bridge repair and expansions over the next decade. His plan would raise tab fees and put a 6.5 … Beard, who retired from the Legislature last year and now …and more »

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