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Read This Before Remodeling Your HomeMotley FoolYou're tired of your digs. You don't want to put up with the hassle of moving, or perhaps you're not at the point where you can afford your dream home. Maybe you're perfectly happy with your place, but you're sure that there's that one upgrade that …and more »

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A typical “spec” home in southeastern Wisconsin is rather predictable.
White walls. Beige carpeting. Polished chrome bathroom fixtures (or a brushed finish, if the builder is daring). White toilets. Stained cabinets. Wood floors, probably.

It’s a home built for the masses. The goal is to be inoffensive. With no buyer in waiting, the house should be a blank canvas for visitors to paint their dreams. Everyone has a different vision of the result.

Homeowners want living spaces that reflect their tastes and lifestyles. Their home is, after all, their castle. Customizing a house is part of the dream.

A diehard auto-racing fan might create a NASCAR themed room, with logoed ceiling tiles and an emblem built into the bar. A wine enthusiast can sink thousands of dollars into a temperature-controlled wine cellar.

It’s their house. They can do what they want.

Any debate over a project’s wisdom might center on “can” versus “should.” Here’s where the uncertainties enter in.

The hammer of eventual resale hangs over most homeowners’ heads. Remodeling never delivers a 100% rate of return. However, few people probably imagine that a project could boomerang on them later.

For a potential buyer who doesn’t drink wine, the …

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