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Home-Repair Tools for Basic Tasks – New York Times

Home-Repair Tools for Basic TasksNew York TimesMost people don't need to take things into their own hands to the extent that Mr. Brian did, but it is helpful to have a few basic tools around for simple repairs and maintenance tasks, he said: “Even just to take batteries out of a toy for your kid …

How and Why to Use a Zero-Sum Budget (thesimpledollar)

Sometime around 2010, my husband and I realized that we weren't making the most of our income. We knew we were wasting boatloads of money, yet we weren't sure why it was happening or how to make it stop. In an effort to figure things out once and for all, we began tracking our spending to see where all of …
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How to Repair a Cracked Drywall Ceiling – This Old House

How a Repair Escrow Can Fix Your Dream House | Home Buying Tips ...


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