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LBGT community plans movie event to support marriage equality – WDIV Detroit

WDIV DetroitLBGT community plans movie event to support marriage equalityWDIV Detroit"We are hosting this event because we felt as members of the LGBT community we needed to do something to support this case as they move forward,” said Hobo member Stephanie Citron of Royal Oak, who has a daughter with wife Elizabeth Gardner.



Very funny compilation created using videos collected from across the Internet!

I do not own any rights on videos in this compilation, so if any video is yours, please contact me before taking any action against me.

$200,000 Worth of Beer Wasted
Air Guitar Fail
Air Guitar Fail Two
Alligator Attacks Trainer
Antelope Takes Out Biker
Artificial Wave Park Fail
Backboard Breaking Dunk
Backyard Water Slide Fail
Balloon of Fire Explodes
Bartender Falls Down Hole Behind Bar
Belly Dance Fail
Bicycle Wheelie Faceplant
Big Girl Attempts Ring Jump
Biggest Domino Fail Ever
Bike Ramp Jump Doesn't Go To Plan
Bike Trick Doesn't Go To Plan
Biker Crashes Into Gate
Bikini Girl Wipes Out
Birthday Cake Fail
Blonde Rope Swing Fail
Blonde Treadmill Fail
BMX Race Start Fail
BMX Trick Turns Into Faceplant
Brutal Faceplant Landing
Burnout Fail
Car Crashes Into Bar
Car Crashes Into House On Highway
Car Jump Fail
Car Loses Control of Trailer
Car Park Attempt Goes Terribly Wrong
Car Smash Gone Wrong
Car Tow Splits Car
Cat Totally Fails Shelf Jump
Catching a 75mph Dodgeball
Ceiling Fan Stunt Fail
Chinese Grenade Fail
Coke and Mentos Experiment Gone Wrong
Crane Crushes House
Crane Lift Doesn't Go to Plan
Crane Support Fail
Crazy Guy Too Cool For Stairs
Crushed By Snow Ball
Dad Gives Horrible Lessons
Dance Pole Fail
Deer Chases Man Up Tree
Demolition Destroys Van
Demolition Goes Terribly Wrong
Dirt Bike Cliff Riding Fail
Dive Fail
Double Steeplechase Fail
Double-Spin Landing Fails
Drag Race Start Fail
Drunk Guy Vs Automatic Glass Door
Engine Swap Fail
Epic Balance Beam Fail
Epic Breakdance Fail
Failed Ramp Jump
Fence Crash
Fire Demonstration Fail
Flying Ninja Kick vs Moving Car
Freerun Fail Compilation
Funny Longboard Wipe Out
Funny Planking Fail
Funny Work Out Fail
Gas Station Roof Collapse
Gas Station Worker Sent Flying
Girl Fails Slip and Slide Attempt
Girl Gets Owned While Sledding
Girl Totally Fails at Wakeboarding
Girls Basketball Dunk Fail
Go Kart Pile-Up
Goalie Smoked By Ball
Goalkeeper Epic Fail
Golf Cart Wedgie Jump
Graduation Celebration Award Fail
Guitar Head Smash Attempt
Guy on Ladder Distracted by Girl
Guy Owned By Glass Door
Half Time Dunk Fail
Hilarious Dance Fail
Hilarious Double Fail
Hilarious Goalie Fail
Hilarious Ramp Jump Fail
Hockey Player Scores, Jumps Through Glass
Horse Jump Doesn't Go to Plan
How Not to Accept an Award
How Not to Carry Cinderella
How Not To Clean Snow Off Your Roof
How Not to Impress the Ladies
How Not to Lift Furniture
How Not to Load a Car
How Not to Load a Quad
How Not to Operate Heavy Machinery
How Not to Rev a Car
How Not to Stand On a Motorcycle
How Not To Unload Heavy Army Equipment
How Not to Use a Sledgehammer
Hunter Shoots His Own Hat
Ice Buggy Vanishes
Insane Bike Race Crash
Insane Bike Stunt Crash Landing
Invisible Hurdles
Karate Kick Fail
Keeper Owned By Penalty Shot
Keg Stand Fail
Lamborghini Show Off Fail
Lift Operator Learns About Gravity
Lifting Heavy Load Fail
Light Post Strength Test Fail
Long Boarding Collision
Longboarder Crashes Into Guardfail
Lucky Driver Barely Avoids Collision
Magic Trick Doesn't Go to Plan
Man Lifts 538 Pounds
Massive Snow Chunks Crush Cars
Massive Stage Dive Fail
Missed Shot Takes Out Runner
Mistress Tries to Escape Out Window
Monster Truck Goes Up In Flames
Moron Tries to Jump Car
Moron vs. Slippery Roof
Mortar Rocket Launch Fail
Motor Scooter Faceplant
Motorcycle Cuts Off Driver And Crashes
Motorcycle Loading Fail
Motorcycle Motor Blowup
Motorcycle Stunt Foiled By Misplaced Wire
Motorcycle Stunt Totally Backfires
Motorcycle Trick Distracts Driver
Motorcycle Wheelie Fail
Motorcycle Wheelie Show Off Fail
Nunchuck Fail
Operator Drops New Crane
Out-Of-Control Bus Smashes Through House
Owned By Bale Of Hay
Palm Tree Pull-Down
Parking Like a Boss
Parkour Stunt Fail In Egypt
Playground Stunt Gone Wrong
Playing Fetch Gone Wrong
Pole Dance Fail
Porta Potty Jump Fail
Pranksters Break Amusement Park Ride
Prisoner Tries to Escape Through Toilet
Race Car Tip Fail
Rally Race Start Fail
Rallycross Jump Gone Wrong
Ridiculous Gas Station Crash
Ridiculous Home Plate Slide
Ridiculous Work Out Fail
Robber Chooses Wrong Gas Station
Rocket Launch Fail
Rocket Recoil
Rope Swing Fail of the Year
Russian Tree Rider
RV Gas Station Fail
Science Experiment Doesn't Go As Planned
Scooter Backflip Fail
Scooter Crash During Test Drive
Scooter Jump Doesn't Go to Plan
Semi Truck Lift Fail
Sexy Webcam Fail
Shopping Cart Fail
Shopping Cart Race Fail
Sign Punch Gone Wrong
Skateboard Gets Revenge
Slip 'n Slide Fail
Slow Motion Dock Jump Fail
Slow Moving Car Somehow Rolls Over
Snow Ramp Leads to Serious Air
Snowboard Grinding Fail
Soap Box Derby Wipeout
Soccer Kick Gone Wrong
Soldier Gets His Hat Shot Off
Soldiers Ambushed Crossing Road
Spiderman Impersonation Fail
Stair Jump Fail
Street Fighter Kick Epic Fail
Strength Test Fail
Stripper Pole Dance Fail.

Cafe manager: Hernandez smoked pot, drank in Providence before Lloyd's killing – The Providence Journal

Cafe manager: Hernandez smoked pot, drank in Providence before Lloyd's killingThe Providence JournalShe testified that it was a warm night and the windows and doors of the café were left open. She said that several customers complained about the strong odor of marijuana. She went outside and told Hernandez and his friend … Prosecutors have …and more »