Filling Cracks in Concrete Driveway

GonzoFest Literary Competition: Honorable Mentions – Louisville Eccentric Observer

Louisville Eccentric ObserverGonzoFest Literary Competition: Honorable MentionsLouisville Eccentric ObserverI myself work one full- and two part-time jobs. It's nothing short of miraculous that any of us made it here on a Monday afternoon to protest the hate-filled speeches and white-power posturing of Mr. Donald Trump and his sea of smirking followers.

Patching, Filling & Grinding Your Concrete- Patching …

Uneven countertop; moving an AC compressor; fixing AC leak – Arizona Daily Star

Uneven countertop; moving an AC compressor; fixing AC leakArizona Daily StarA: That's a very difficult situation. Someone might be able to fix it, but that repair person really has to be an expert or the countertop could break. Workers can't grind it down; they probably have to push one side up instead. It would be easy to …and more »