Examples of Construction Websites

Finding Business Funding Online – Flathead Beacon

Flathead BeaconFinding Business Funding OnlineFlathead BeaconIt wasn't the first, and probably won't be the last mug to meet its end at a construction site, but Knox was tired of the waste. Then … For example, when it came to Knox's mug, someone pledging $20 would receive a mug delivered within the Flathead …

Polyhedra in Architecture and Construction / Многогранники в

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Examples of the use of polyhedra in architecture and construction.
Примеры применения многогранников в архитектуре и строительстве.

Browsing for home decor inspiration – North Shore News

Browsing for home decor inspirationNorth Shore NewsIf you scroll down you'll see a number of examples of layouts to suit your desired situation. Further down the site is a technique that shows how to cut large construction paper pieces and use painter's tape to apply to the wall. Once you have done …