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Lost in Suburbia: Confessions of a toilet paper hoarder – Carthage Press

Lost in Suburbia: Confessions of a toilet paper hoarderCarthage PressI suspected I might have suffered a traumatic toilet paper shortage as a child or possibly found myself at one time in my formative years critically deprived of hair mousse. Regardless of the cause, I was not happy unless I had enough products on hand …and more »

Burnout fries Young House Love bloggers, leading DIY couple to take a break (Washington Post)

In the end, all the social media love wasn’t enough to sustain the renovation diary of Sherry and John Petersik, their wildly popular home improvement blog Young House Love.
The Richmond couple, now in their 30s, wrote earnestly about every about paint color choice, DIY bathroom project and budget pillow selection. They redid three pretty ordinary Richmond houses while raising two kids. But they had enough of trying to come up with fresh topics to chronicle in their personal diary, and they were getting tired of the critical comments that are part of the blogosphere. The Petersiks announced in a blog post this month titled “Feeeeeelings” that they were taking a break for at least a month and would be exploring other employment options.
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Over the top – Two story addition in 8 weeks

DIY Bathroom Renovation. Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Costs…

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