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Renovation of Arkansas Gazette's Building Reveals History – KAIT

Renovation of Arkansas Gazette's Building Reveals HistoryKAITThe dusty basement of the former Arkansas Gazette building served as home to boxes of negatives including photographs of former President Clinton as a boy and images of the 1957 Central High School desegregation crisis. Pieces of the newspaper's old …

Is Architecture “Racist”? (Powerlineblog)

(John Hinderaker) For a pure distillation of liberal stupidity, it is hard to beat this article in the Denver Post by the paper's Fine Arts Critic. Denver's main train depot, Union Station, has been renovated and restored to its former glory (more or less), which is what troubles the arts critic. The restored building is, he thinks, racist… Our fearless critic began by spending hours at Union Station, classifying visitors by skin.

Basement Remodeling

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