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Luba begins five-year stint as Woonsocket's fiscal adviser – Valley Breeze

Luba begins five-year stint as Woonsocket's fiscal adviserValley BreezeWOONSOCKET – Paul Luba made it from a working class neighborhood in Chicopee, Mass., to the halls of Yale University. He's been both a psychologist in a state psychiatric hospital, and the senior vice president of a major international manufacturer.and more »

Romantic Old Hollywood Glamour Makeup Tutorial | Head to …

In this weeks episode of Head to Heels, our host and fashion/lifestyle blogger Jen (frmheadtotoe) shows viewers how to create an Old Hollywood Glamour makeover to compliment a glamourous pair of Nine West heels called the Sweeti. Check out her final Old Hollywood Glamour look consisting of a little black dress, statement necklace, Nine West Sweeti heels, lipstick and cosmetics which are perfect for a romantic dinner date.

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Get the Look from This Episode: <a href="Http://www.ninewest.com/Sweeti/11552029,default,pd.html?variantSizeClass=&variantColor=JJ1ABJ7_1&cgid=9706265&prefn1=catalog-id&prefv1=ninewest-catalog&ep_tag=CH9H2H10A” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Http://www.ninewest.com/Sweeti/11552029,…

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This series is a fun how-to guide for women who want to learn easy makeup ideas and tips on anything from eye shadow and lip tint to mascara as well as fun and easy nail tutorials using nail art pens, nail polish, and jewelry. It gives women both practical and stylish tips on how to achieve a put-together look that keeps them up-to-date on current trends and gives them tips on how to create new looks that are original. After all, that's what every girl wants, right? Originality!

Romantic Old Hollywood Glamour Makeup Tutorial | Head to Heels | Ep. 10

Proposed specialty license plate could help the Alamo's restoration costs – mySanAntonio.com

Proposed specialty license plate could help the Alamo's restoration costsmySanAntonio.com… Would be one of dozens of specialty plate designs offered through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The bill would take effect on Sept. 1 if passed. Click through the slideshow to see customized Texas license plates in danger of being …