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Starting Art Collection on a Budget

Starting Art Collection on a Budget – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

One question that I get a lot from people is: how do I start a collection for my home, an art collection on a budget? And the answer is that there are many ways of doing it, and I think people can start buying editions and prints from reputable artists nowadays, that are a lot of different sources where people can have great art in their homes without necessarily spending a lot of money. I have found, for example, that a lot of the new websites are really curating what they are offering. For example art space is a great place to find great art from great artists at extraordinary prices.

Art space, as I said before, is a new concept of making art affordable for people, little collector and art start are beautiful too, people can find different prints and incorporate those in their homes, and pure photo for photography lovers is a great source too, to incorporate in their homes. I think one of the things to consider when putting together a collection is what are the things that get you going, what are the things that you inspired by. I do not necessarily mean that people have to spend a lot of money as I just said, but I think one of the things that a collection requires is to have some coherence.

And by coherence I mean things should belong to sort of like the same space or the same time, and contemporary art has been going on for the past fifty years. So I think you have a lot of time and a lot of space in the world to find the things you love if you are collecting contemporary. Try to mix and match by prints, by photography and you can buy a few emerging pieces for very very little money, and buy oil, and buy acrylic canvas and start from there. I think it has a great way of living with good things and incorporating them in your environment, can do only good things for you.

With spoofs, reworked songs, Michael Bolton stays fresh – Columbus Dispatch

Columbus DispatchWith spoofs, reworked songs, Michael Bolton stays freshColumbus DispatchQ:How do you interpret your past hits — and why do listeners still connect with the catalog? A: Every night is a new experience and a new approach. That's the amazing thing about a song; it evolves with you and has new meaning. There are certain songs ……