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The Creative Coast to team with The Guild Hall for Geekend 2015 – Savannah Morning News

The Creative Coast to team with The Guild Hall for Geekend 2015Savannah Morning News“It's such a great match of lineup to locale and will give Geekend attendees a concrete backdrop for the ideas raised,” said Emily McLeod, program manager of The Creative Coast Inc. “Batman has the Bat Cave, the Avengers have Stark Tower and Geekend …and more »

Rhomba Bench Demolding and Polishing

Http://… See how the Rhomba Bench is demolded and polished after curing for 18 hours. Two of the cubes are used to support 2x4s, so the mold will be reused for the second one. Knockouts that have been designed into the mold provide a resting place for the 2x4s. After the cured piece has been removed from the mold, any voids can be filled with slurry. The final step is to polish the concrete with a wet-dry system, starting with a 500 grit pad and working up to a 3000 grit pad. A HEPA vacuum will help control dust from the polishing process (

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The stunning, endangered heritage buildings of Sariaya – GMA News

GMA NewsThe stunning, endangered heritage buildings of SariayaGMA NewsIn recent days, the imposing Natalio Enriquez house has been threatened with the demolition of its concrete fence, part of the original Luna de San Pedro structure. This uproar arose from a public works plan to create a wider highway (later morphing to …and more »…