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Window and door installation and repair located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
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Barrie Replacement Windows & Doors Installation and Repair
Lots of new windows on a skyscraper. One is ajar.
One of the first questions that anyone should ask before hiring a contractor to service their windows or doors is whether or not the contractor has liability insurance and how much they carry. Regardless of their skill or how careful your contractor is, accidents and catastrophes happen. That is why Ontario requires contractors to carry general liability insurance.

Liability Insurance

The minimum coverage is $2,000,000, which costs the contractor around $425 per year, depending on many factors such as recent claims, business history, and high crime areas where they may work. The 2 million dollars covers injuries, legal defenses, product liability, and property damage. The coverage is required for carpenters, plumbers, re-modelers, and other general handyman services.

Training, Certification, & Licensing

Another concern is with licensing. Ontario requires certification, acquired through an apprenticeship program, and a business license. After you meet the prerequisites, you can then receive a carpenters’ or general contractors’ certification from the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. A business license is available through the Canada Revenue Agency.

If a contractor is missing these, you should consider another installer.

Therefore, before hiring a window and door installer in the Barrie area, check for these credentials:

Training certification
Qualification certification
Business number
Business License

Also be sure to ask for personal and professional references.

Ontario Building Code Reviews Windows Installation

The Supervisor of Building Services oversees the building inspector. The building inspector is responsible for ensuring new construction and renovations get completed in compliance with the city building code. Checking with a building inspector before hiring a contractor could preclude you from paying someone who has multiple complaints with the building services office or perhaps unfinished projects. Building services can review replacement windows or doors plans to ensure those items meet the building code.

Likewise, you don’t want new windows or replacement door installation to have to stop because the project does not meet housing or building code. Be sure that the window and door installer that you hire obtains the necessary permits for the job before starting.

New Windows & Doors Barrie is a company with high ethical standards and when you work with us you can be sure that the job is completed to code with the appropriate permits and inspections.

Replacement Windows for Homes

Now that you know what qualifications to look for in a contractor that you want to hire for a window or door replacement project, you will need to choose a new window and door supplier. It is always best to support the local community as much as possible and there are many options for window suppliers local to Barrie who can supply the specific windows and doors you want to install.

A local window supplier could mean getting your project completed much quicker than if you need to have the windows shipped in from another location. Likewise, a local window supplier could provide discounts and factory-direct savings.

New Windows and Doors Barrie has developed partnerships in the industry to help us help you achieve an outstanding and beautiful end to your window or door renovation project.

Reasons to Get New Windows

If you see movement around your curtains and drapes where there shouldn’t be movement, that means there is a draft coming around the frame of the window. Water damage, mold or mildew, are other telltale signs the structure of your window is no longer tight or sealed.

A few of the excellent justifications for replacing windows and exterior doors are:
Durable replacement solutions for old drafty windows or doors
Cut costs with modern, energy-efficient, high-performance windows
Improved comfort
Improved security
Custom designed replacement windows

Whatever project you are thinking about doing, vinyl replacement windows could enhance energy-efficiency overall, keep your home’s temperature more consistent and provide better airflow, which helps fight flu, coughs, colds, and infections. Also, these new windows are an excellent investment to increase home value and curb appeal.

Replacement Windows Cost

Replacement windows for homes in Ontario need to be as eco-friendly as possible to save the homeowners money on their energy bills. Replacement windows cost usually start at around $299 each but could cost as much as $700. Bay windows are of course, far more expensive than most other windows but offer vista views.

The money spent on a new window or window and door replacement will come back to you in the form of energy savings. The benefits you will receive from replacement doors and windows is reduced energy costs — which all of us should be looking at in new installations. Plus, modern windows can help eliminate outside noises and allow your heating and air conditioning units to run more efficiently. Replacement windows for homes can pay for themselves in just a few years of energy efficiency savings.

New Window Types

Regardless of the type of window you want to install, we can help. We offer many different types and installations to choose from — such as bay and bow windows, awnings, casement windows of all varieties, single slider windows, as well as the double slider. We can help with single or double hung windows to replace whatever you currently have.

Newcomers on the market are the vinyl-clad casement windows that swing in or out, can be cranked out from the bottom or at the top to allow airflow. We can get these windows customized to your preference.

Commercial Window Replacement

For every reason you consider residential window replacement, there are just as many justifications for replacing windows and doors at your business. New bay windows can be utilized as display or storefront windows to show off your products in style. Replace those old windows and doors to improve energy-efficiency.

You can cut business expenses and increase your profits with modern, energy-efficient, high-performance windows and doors.

Custom Window Screen or Door Screen Installer

Another service we offer, usually in the early spring before the infestation of insects from mating in the newly thawed waters like mosquitoes, beetles, bees, and house flies, is the renewal of door and window screens. New screen doors and window covers might need replacement to keep the bugs outside and your family healthy and happy inside.

Some of our happy customers have needed replacement screens because of damage to screen doors caused by their pets.

Check your backyard entertainment areas to ensure the screens survived the winter and if they need a replacement let us know.

Replacement Doors

Replacement doors for your home or business come a large variety of styles and security. Many say they would not have any other material for their front door than a stylish traditional wood door with beveled glass. But the truth is a steel and fiberglass replacement door can be custom designed to look exactly like oak, mahogany, cherry, or walnut.

While new doors made from fiberglass and steel offer more insulation than wood, steel doors provide the ultimate in security for commercial doors for your business. Of course, you can have that same security at home. Steel doors encased in 22-gauge steel frames with multi-point locking systems, digital display entry, and locking devices offer the maximum in protection.

If you want custom designs and colors, we can get them. If you wish to get new patio or French doors, we can get those. If you’re considering the latest in tilt and turn doors, we can get those too. Yes, you can get the multi-point locking systems, digital display entry, and locking devices with any door you choose.

We can also offer superior quality aluminum or steel new or replacement screen doors. Whatever you have in mind for new doors either exterior or interior we can provide perfect, worry-free installation. When you want longevity, security, and curb appeal in one package, a new front entry door is a top consideration.