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Business News Daily4 Big Issues Affecting Tomorrow's WorkplaceBusiness News DailyBut it's not just evolving technological trends like wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) that companies need to account for. Legislative changes around health care and labor laws, as well as the changing generational makeup of the …

NEW Construction Cost Calculator & Estimating Software …

NEW Construction Cost Calculator & Estimating Software Makes Estimation a Breeze!

No more manual quantity calculations! This easy to use takeoff and estimation worksheet makes the task of estimating build costs an absolute breeze… Builders, estimators and new home builders you're going to love this!

If you're tired of manually writing down and calculating every material item and cost… Losing many hours of your precious time… Getting frustrated because you can't remember if you allowed for this item or that… Having to back check to see if everything has been included… Calculating the GST or VAT… Adding in fees… Working out your profit margin… Adding it all together, only to find that you've missed an item…so you add it all together again… All these headaches that are part of preparing a detailed and accurate estimate… Then you need to check this book out!

Why? Because inside you will find an extremely comprehensive estimation worksheet that has been compiled by Jim Robinson – a builder with 33 years experience…who after many years of frustration, going through the exact same problems as above himself… Decided enough was enough!

It was time to start building a estimating program that did all the hard work for him… But at the same time, it had to easy to use, accurate, detailed and contain every possible material item required for complete construction of a new building… Including all labour, subcontractors and every conceivable fee and sundry cost. No room for error or ommission was his mandate… And on top of all that, it had to be real time saver…no more repetitve, menial tasking!

Not an easy task…and there's no denying that the task at hand took a good number of years to complete, because you just don't go rushing off and come up with a comprehensive list of materials in a few days, weeks or even months.

In fact, it took Jim almost 2 years to fully compile, but complete it, he did!

500+ listed items… Absolutely everything required for a new house… Nothing left out, nothing left to chance… It's all there in front of you!

All you have to do is work your way methodically down the list, enter the quantities and rates by the applicable item… And that's it… Nothing else required. The worksheet does everything else for you…then totals everything instantly.

It calculates the material cost, adds your profit margin, adds GST or VAT taxes and even calculates Sales commissions if you need it too…instantly.

And if that's not enough for you…it's also fully customizable… So you can add in those really "outside the square" and "speciality" items if you need to.

That's "why" you need to see this book…because now you can 'take' all of Jim's hard work and make your task a breeze.

Now you can create comprehensive, accurate, highly competitive building estimates in just a few hours…not days, as would have been the case before!

Estimation has suddenly become a pleasure to do… Even for the most inexperienced home builders who are trying to put together a price.

There's a download link for the estimation worksheets inside plus links to a video tutorial and a guide for 1st time home builders that will show you the best way to go about compiling prices.

Check it out…

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