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Come for the toilets, stay for the food and fun at Bangkok's airport-themed …RocketNews24Asia is full of wonderful travel destinations. With a mix of rich history and rapid development, it's far from a boring place to visit. However, the burning question on any traveler's mind has got to be “Where can I see the greatest toilets of Asia …

Seeing double (jsonline)

“Better late than never,” the old saying goes. Still, Sue Roska can’t help but wonder. How much sleep did she miss out on?

The actual amount might be irrelevant. The comfort is what matters. On those mornings when a squawking alarm is the world’s most unwelcome sound, even another 10 or 15 minutes of rest can seem a godsend.

Roska and her husband, Bob, remodeled the master bathroom in their Glendale home in 2011. A main feature of the sparkling new room was a double vanity, his-and-hers sinks that give each their own space.

The Roskas have been retired more than five years. Looking back, Sue realizes the double vanity would have been priceless when she and Bob were working.
“I think I could have slept in a bit longer than having to get up and use the bathroom first,” she said.

In the hall of lifetime regrets, it’s decidedly minimal. The Roskas still usually arise at the same time, Sue said, and thoroughly enjoy the convenience and comfort of their double vanity. Its presence is a welcome quality-of-life addition.

“This is just so much better for the two of us,” Sue Roska said. “He has his …

Twin sister in bath mirror.

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