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Northern VA Remodeling Company Appoints New Sales Consultant – Benzinga

Northern VA Remodeling Company Appoints New Sales ConsultantBenzingaMoss Building and Design, a home remodeling company in Chantilly, VA, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Ladson as an addition to the MOSS Sales team. Lisa comes to MOSS with over 25 years' experience in commercial, … Proud of their …and more »

Amazon Dash Button: Finally, an Internet of Things device that is actually useful (mashable)

The Internet of Things has attracted a lot of attention and generated considerable column inches; and yet, despite all the attention, has remained pretty much absent — an Internet of vaporware.
Samsung wants to Internet-connect all the items in your home and major firms such as Cisco, IBM, and Apple are all keen to get involved in…in whatever it is.
Sometimes "smart" devices have really been about proof of possibility rather than producing any significant improvement in functionality or additional benefit to the consumer.
Finally Amazon, very much a real, non-vaporous company, has produced an Internet of Things device called the Dash Button. The marketing hype that Amazon is building around Dash goes some way to hiding its mundane nature: while the hand-held Dash device can automatically place orders for household goods by scanning barcodes or through speech recognition, the cut-down Dash Button is a small, push-button fob to keep next to, for example, the washing machine in order to order a single product such as washing powder with a single press. Using the household Wi-Fi network to connect to Amazon's website, the device places the order and deliver is arranged, with payment and address details already in …

My Handyman Can – Community Impact Newspaper

Community Impact NewspaperMy Handyman CanCommunity Impact NewspaperMy Handyman Can. Sanders and his crew offer full bathroom remodeling services with tile work for customers. ×. 3 of 3 … The business was awarded the 2014 Super Service Award from Angie's List, a website that ranks local businesses by customer reviews ……