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Real Estate Insider: Do your homework when selecting a home improvement … – CapitalGazette.com

Real Estate Insider: Do your homework when selecting a home improvement …CapitalGazette.comYour due diligence is essential to mitigate the possibility that you will become a victim of an unscrupulous home improvement contractor, subcontractor or salesperson. In July 2013, Gov. Martin O'Malley appointed me to a four-year term as one of nine …

IPad Air 2 Display Praised for Antireflective Coating, but iPad Mini 3 Display Still Lags (Macrumors)

With the iPad Air 2, one of Apple's main selling points has been the improved display, which includes a new bonded construction that eliminates the air gap between the display and the cover glass, as well as a new antireflective coating to reduce glare in situations with high ambient light.

Ray Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies has now put the new display to the test, finding that the antireflective coating is indeed a significant improvement for the iPad and a major step above competing tablets, but in overall performance competitors are still doing better than the iPad. Apple receives only minimal credit for the bonded display, as it is mainly catching up with competitors on that aspect.
> A major innovation for the iPad Air 2 (that is not fully appreciated) is an anti-reflection coating on the cover glass that reduces ambient light reflections by about 3:1 over most other Tablets and Smartphones (including the previous iPads), and about 2:1 over **all** of the very best competing Tablets and Smartphones (including the new iPhone 6). […]

However, other than the new anti-reflection coating and bonded cover glass, the display on the iPad Air 2 is essentially unchanged …

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